• For asset or property managers, residential site managers or commercial site managers
  • Secure higher compensation, generate and retain business
  • Earn recognition in the industry as a trusted professional
  • IREM credentials, known and trusted throughout the industry are the keys to setting yourself apart
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Certified Property Manager

The most highly-regarded credential for real estate managers of larger portfolios, including those who manage multi-family, office, retail and industrial properties.

The first step to becoming a CPM is to become a CPM Candidate.

Accredited Residential Manager

One of the most recognized certifications for site managers of small to mid-size residential portfolios, including those who manage conventional apartments, federally assisted housing, condominiums, single family homes and manufactured home communities.

Accredited Commercial Manager

A certification for site managers of small to mid-size commercial portfolios, including those who manage office, retail and industrial properties.

Earning the ACoM certification is a great stepping stone toward the CPM designation.

Accredited Management Organization

Achieving the AMO accreditation is a key step toward global recognition of your real estate management company. A firm with a CPM in an executive position supervising its real estate management activities can apply for this esteemed credential.

Associate Membership gives you instant access to the robust slate of member benefits and a network of like-minded individuals. Every IREM Member pays the lowest registration rates on IREM education and publications. Associate Membership is perfect for Professionals considering pursuing an IREM credential in the future.

According to a recent national poll, 86% of hiring managers surveyed cited involvement in trade or industry associations as beneficial to an employee's career. Joining IREM signals commitment and dedication to your career that will be noticed by your future employer, and equips you with the knowledge and personal connections to give you a head start.

If you teach real estate, property or facilities management, or related subjects such as finance, economics, and business administration at the college level, an IREM academic membership is for you. We can help you stay connected and in touch with the real estate management industry through the latest real estate news, information, and resources.